Condom break or had unprotected sex? Please call 0961424463 . We can help you.

Phuket had high infection rate for HIV . If you happened to had unprotected sex or your condom break , We at Patong clinic lab can help you. It is very important to take anti- HIV drugs to try to prevent the virus from infecting you. These drugs are most effective if started right away or within few hours after having unprotected sex. Our doctors had all the medication that you need for most STD . So let us help you by pick up the phone and call us at 096-1424463. Our STD tests and medication is all reasonable price (lower that most hospital in Phuket)


Plan to have Hormone injection or want to use it professionally ?

Plan to have Hormone injection or want to use it professionally ?

It is easy to buy and get an injection for Hormones here in Phuket. But it is unthinkable for not checking your Hormones level before , during and after using these hormone injections. More than that you should take a blood test for kidney , liver , vitamins and electrolyte levels  in your body before starting  your training programs or hormones injection.  We at Patong , Chalong and Thalang clinic lab can help you with high quality blood tests. Please call 096-1424463 for more information.

Our STD , STI blood test price list

STD  Promotion    Set   1

HIV                               600                Baht

Hepatitis  B                 350                 Baht

Syphilis                       300                 Baht

Chlamydia  Ag           1000                 Baht

Gonorhoeae                300                  Baht

Price                           2400            Baht                      

STD  Promotion    Set   2

HIV                                    600            Baht

Hepatitis  B                      350             Baht

Hepatitis  C                      600           Baht

Herpes simplex  virus       900            Baht

Syphilis                            300            Baht

Chlamydia  Ag                1000           Baht

Gonorhoeae                     300           Baht

Price                                ImageD3900       Baht